Silver Spring is a lovely community in Maryland that is filled with beautiful parks, gardens, lakes and creeks, and its nearly 80,000 residents enjoy a good life with excellent neighborhoods and four distinct seasons each year. That means each year brings a rainy spring, a cold winter and a warm summer, and each of these changes in the weather causes a different pest-control issue. For example, the rainy season often leaves standing water that encourages the hatching of mosquitoes. The cold temperatures of winter drive rodents to look for warm nesting areas inside of your home and warm summer temperatures cause all sorts of problem insects to invade your space.

Dangers of Pests

While you probably don't enjoy having rodents or insects sharing your indoor and outdoor spaces, you may not realize that many of these pests actually present a danger to your family and home. The common mosquito can transmit several different diseases with a single bite, and these include encephalitis, West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Once rats make their way into your home, they can start a fire by chewing on electrical wires. Rats also spread several illnesses and diseases that include rat-bite fever, salmonella, and the deadly hantavirus. Carpenter ants pose a problem because they are capable of destroying the wood components of your home.

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Residential Treatment

Though you probably think your home is secure, nuisance creatures such as roaches, mice, spiders and silverfish can find their way inside through the smallest of openings. Rats are an even bigger problem because they'll chew their way into your home, and that causes costly damage before they even get inside. Bed bugs are another huge problem in the area because it's very easy to pick a few up during a trip, and they tend to breed quite rapidly. Whatever finds its way into your home, it's our mission to locate every last one and eliminate them once and for all.

Commercial Treatment

We also take care of the pest-control needs of those in Silver Spring who own commercial buildings and businesses because we know that an infestation can ruin your good name in the community. If your customers see stinging insects, rodents, roaches or ants on your premises, then that could definitely spell trouble. Termites are also a huge concern for local business owners because these insects often do their damage long before they are detected, and your building could sustain so much damage that you may be forced to close your doors until expensive repairs can be addressed.

Green Treatment

Our families live right alongside yours, and we want to protect the environment for all of our children and grandchildren. Green and organic pest-control methods, also known as integrated pest management, help us make the world a healthier place. This means that our technicians start by inspecting the property and properly identifying the pest that is causing the problem. Once that is determined, we'll use enhanced control systems, improved sanitation techniques and modifications to the habitat to address the pest-control issue. If necessary, we'll also apply EPA-registered pesticides that are safe for your family but deadly to pests.

Professional Pest Control in Silver Spring, MD

Fortunately, we've been protecting the residents of Silver Spring from nasty pests for more than 10 years, and we're proud to say that we are the leading pest control company in the area. Our technicians are professionally trained, and there is no pest problem that we can't handle. We urge you to contact us at 301-678-9227 if you're experiencing a problem with any type of nuisance creature, and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a completely free quote for any of our services.

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