The mid-Atlantic climate of Chantilly comes with warm humid summers and cold winters. Both temperature extremes come with pest issues. In the summer, the humidity creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and cockroaches. Summer flowers and picnics attract wasps, bees and ants. Fleas, flies and stink bugs also make appearances during warmer months. Termites are around all year but may appear in swarms during warmer months. They can destroy wood, textiles and paper in a short amount of time.

During the winter, some of these pests move indoors for food and warmth, and some pests are present regardless of the season. Ants make colonies behind walls and under foundations. They attack food supplies. Bedbugs are tiny enough to go unnoticed until their population is out of control. One telltale sign of bedbugs is a group of red bite bumps in a straight row. You can easily spread bedbugs to your workplace, your child's school or your friends' homes since these pests travel easily on clothing and bags.

Mice and rats hide in low-traffic areas and chew through food containers. Rat urine may contain listeria, and deer mice can carry hantavirus in their droppings. As the weather cools, you may notice more spiders indoors. Brown recluses and black widows are especially dangerous. Deer, possums and raccoons are outdoor pests that may eat your plants and even your garbage. Raccoons and possums can carry rabies and may be aggressive.

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My Pest Pros is the area's leading pest control company and can handle any size or type of infestation. We offer proactive solutions to prevent pest problems as well.

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Residential Pest Control

Always put the safety of your family first by contacting a professional pest control company for any problem. Many people make the mistake of using DIY pest control products and procedures found online. These methods are ineffective, and they usually only send pests to a harder-to-reach area. Also, they may contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to your children and pets. Professional methods are especially important for termites. Using a bad DIY regimen may cost you thousands more in structural damage than the minimal cost of treating an infestation and setting up a preventative plan.

Commercial Pest Control

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to keep your patrons as safe as possible. If a customer is stung by a wasp and requires medical care, the individual may demand compensation. Rats, cockroaches and even ants can be detrimental to your reputation if you run a food-related business. Termites can destroy part of the building itself. The mere sight of spiders, silverfish, flies and other annoying pests can discourage customers from returning to your store. Our preventative treatment plans will help you save money and avoid losing customers.

Green Pest Control

We use integrated pest management and organic products. IPM is a powerful method that takes a holistic approach to pest removal and prevention. We avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible and focus on the following tasks:

  • Regular inspections
  • Sanitation
  • Habitat modification
  • Cultural controls
  • Biological controls
  • Mechanical and physical controls

By implementing these strategies and using organic products, we help you eradicate pests without harming the environment, your customers, your family or your pets. IPM is also beneficial as a long-term solution because it addresses the underlying causes of a pest infestation instead of just the annoying creature itself.

Our services are fast and effective, and we have great reviews online from our happy customers. If you are looking for eco-friendly pest control services for your home or business in Chantilly, call My Pest Pros today for a free quote.

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