Centreville lies on the outskirts of the nation's capital and attracts residents with its sprawling housing developments and close proximity to D.C. Numerous people call Centreville home, but this city is also home to something hiding in the shadows. Insect pests and rodents thrive in cities across the Washington metropolitan area and make themselves comfortable in houses and businesses in Centreville. My Pest Pros understands the need for quality pest control services and has the experience and knowledge to eliminate the threat.

What Brings Pests to Centreville?

Shelter and abundant food sources lure pests to Centreville and other cities in the area. Rodents and wildlife raid garbage cans in subdivisions, termites turn houses into meals and cockroaches take over homes in a matter of weeks. Pests and humans share the landscape together, so it's only natural that the two collide when housing developments carve out the land. Residents and business owners will see increased pest infestations as the city expands and more people move to Centreville.

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What Risks Do Pests Pose to Humans?

Pests come in every shape and form, from the smallest fleas to foot-long rats. Whether there are flies buzzing around your head or squirrels in your walls, pests are a nuisance in some way or another. Though some pests only aggravate people, others cause illnesses in certain situations. Mosquitoes transmit viral infections, rodents spread diseases like the hantavirus and roaches contaminate living spaces with everything from salmonella to gastroenteritis.

Being in the same area with certain pests has negative effects on your health. Rodent fur and dander can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitivities; roach carcasses can also trigger allergies. These reactions may happen even if the fur, dander or carcasses are behind the walls or in seldom-used parts of the home like the attic. The allergens get swept up in the vents and circulate throughout the house, decreasing the air quality and harming everyone inside.


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Our Services

Residential Treatment

Cracks and crevices go unnoticed around your home, giving pest insects and rodents a way inside. My Pest Pros offers thorough residential services to cure and to prevent infestations. Our pest control plans include 72-point inspections, interior and exterior perimeter treatments, insect baiting and rodent control, targeting everything from bed bugs to wildlife. We provide bi-monthly and quarterly treatments and can continue to monitor your home for added peace of mind.

Commercial Treatment

Pest infestations are showstoppers for businesses. A successful business relies on providing quality services and offering a clean environment for its customers. When pests invade offices, restaurants and hotels, it can lead to customer complaints, a drop in sales and building degradation depending on the infestation, such as termites attacking the underlying structure. My Pest Pros offers emergency pest control services for businesses in Centreville and can create a customized treatment plan to knock out infestations and to prevent further pest invasions in the future.

Green Treatment

Eliminating pests doesn't mean using the harshest chemicals available. It's important to identify the pests in question and to spray with the health of others in mind. Our team practices integrated pest management, a system for strategically targeting pests with minimal impact on humans, beneficial insects and the environment. My Pest Pros minimizes the use of chemical pesticides when eliminating infestations to help you have a healthier, pest-free home or business.

Professional Pest Control in Centreville

If pests have invaded your home or business, contact My Pest Pros in Centreville for a free consultation. We provide residential and commercial pest control services and offer numerous plans to help treat and to prevent infestations on your property. Whether it's ants or rodents, our certified and experienced technicians can eliminate the pests and use environmentally friendly solutions to keep you and your family safe.

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