If pests are taking control of your home, you need to eliminate them from the environment. Pests are potentially harmful to your health. Cockroaches leave nasty little droppings on your kitchen and bathroom floors. It is not an enjoyable morning when you inadvertently step onto a few drops of excrement on your way to the shower stall. Irritating and exasperating, you may not know what to do once you realize pests are living in your home.

Bugs Love Moisture

If the weather outside is extremely hot and your house is surrounded by shrubs, you may notice large, black bugs wandering about in various rooms. At first, you probably think the sighting of a bug is a rare occasion. However, if you get up at 3:00 in the morning and turn on the kitchen light, you may find it a bit shocking when you notice several of these pests scurrying about and diving under your kitchen stove.

Thirsty and quick as lightning, large water bugs bear strong resemblances to Oriental cockroaches. If these pests have taken up their habitations inside your house, you need to think about a strategy that solves the situation. You do not want to see armies of water bugs or Oriental cockroaches marching from room to room without any fear of your presence.

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Bugs can Cause Allergic Reactions

Do not continue to allow cockroaches to dominate your home's general atmosphere. Your children and pets may start to suffer from allergies. Rodents are other creatures that wreak havoc in your home. Leaving behind urine and pellets, mice and rats are not meant to live among your family members unless they are pets purchased at a pet store. Living with rodents puts your family at risk for contracting asthma, running noses and other similar disorders.

Contact a Professional Exterminator

Instead of trying to figure out how to capture these pests, contact My Pest Pros in Falls Church, Virginia. When you call My Pest Pros, you are calling the number one pest control company in your area. When dealing with a pest control company, you want to make sure you are working with professional exterminators. My Pest Pros hires exterminators who know how to handle all types of pest control problems. You can even receive a free quote when you make your telephone call.

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Residential Pest Control

Pests do not have freeways or highways leading into your house. Instead, they find tiny cracks and holes. One way to prevent pests from entering your home is to use putty and duct tape to fill in even the tiniest openings. A mouse can fit through a small hole, so filling up any gaps is a good preventive measure. My Pest Pros in Falls Church offers solutions to any pest problem. From ants and spiders to crickets, fleas and bedbugs, exterminators at My Pest Pros eliminate bothersome pests.

Commercial Pest Control

If bugs and rodents have taken up their residences in your factory, warehouse or office, you need to act quickly. My Pest Pros offers practical ways to get ride of pests. Mice, cockroaches and ants make your employees feel uncomfortable. You stand a good chance of losing valuable customers if they happen to spot droppings on the sofa, table, carpet or floor. Contact My Pest Pros today to discover the right solution.

Green Pest Control

At My Pest Pros, you can take advantage of using green products that do not cause harm to your family, employees or clients. Instead of scaring everyone off by using dangerous, poisonous sprays, allow professionals to handle the problem in a safe manner. In addition, My Pest Pros uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods that do not harm the environment.

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