Merrifield gets approximately 43 inches of rainfall annually, and the national average is 39 inches. The plentiful precipitation and fertile soil make it easy for vegetation to thrive. This brings insects, rodents and predators. Also, commercial and residential structures usually have multiple food sources, which attracts several unwanted insect and rodent guests indoors. Unfortunately, most pests multiply fast and find hard-to-reach areas to build their colonies. As the problem worsens, you see more and more of them.

Pests destroy your belongings and your property. For example, a colony of Argentine ants in your yard will destroy helpful ants, and destructive insects will then destroy your garden and plants. Silverfish and drywood termites can ruin important papers and clothing. Dampwood termites can destroy trees or even support beams on your home. Rats, mice, cockroaches and ants can all get into your food supply. While cockroaches and ants find open containers and bacterial residue, mice and rats can actually chew through thin plastic or paper containers to invade your food. Replacing destroyed food or belongings is expensive.

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Also, pests pose several health risks. For example, mice and rats can carry dangerous diseases in their urine or feces, which they leave everywhere when they infest a building. Mosquitoes also carry harmful viruses such as Zika and West Nile. Wasps and bees can trigger allergic reactions when they sting, and some reactions are fatal. Several types of ants can sting as well, and their stings cause painful welts. Spiders such as brown recluses and black widows have severe enough bites that you will need medical attention. Possums and raccoons bite aggressively and may carry rabies.


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Residential Pest Control

You owe it to yourself and your family to prevent the dangers and expenses of problematic pests. Many people who suffer from severe or fatal allergic reactions after stings are children. Pets can also suffer if there are stinging pests or fleas on the property. If guests visit your home, you also have a duty to create a reasonably safe environment. Paying for emergency care, a costly deductible or an insurance rate hike after a claim each cost more than the price of residential pest removal. Also, regular maintenance treatments are a cost-effective solution for preventing future problems.

Commercial Pest Control

For business owners, any type of pest can do more than cause health or property damage. If your customers or employees are affected by an ongoing and known pest problem that you refuse to address, you could be held legally liable for medical costs or other damages. Some pests such as mice, rats, ants and cockroaches can quickly destroy your reputation if you run a food-based business. Bedbugs will destroy any company's good image. Customers may leave bad reviews online that discourage existing or potential customers from visiting your business. It can be difficult to repair your reputation after such an incident even if you remedy the problem quickly. Any type of pest is a problem in Merrifield whether you own a home or business. Ask about our preventative services to avoid the long-lasting painful expense of an infestation.

Green Pest Control

At My Pest Pros, we also offer green services. We use effective but organic substances that are less harmful to people and pets. Also, we use integrated pest management or IPM. This process is based on the idea that not all pests should be completely eliminated. Some creatures that may be a nuisance in your home are helpful outdoors when their colonies are not too large. We focus on maintaining a normal population that will prevent economic injury to you and physical injury to the environment.

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