Most pests are tiny, but they pose major threats to humans, their property, and their pets. For example, mosquitoes can infect people with diseases like malaria, and they can give dogs heartworms. Termites, of course, devour wood. If left alone, they might destroy pieces of furniture, floors, posts, and support beams.

For their part, fleas often burrow into hair and fur, which can lead to itchiness, infections, and illnesses. Ants sometimes bite people and contaminate food supplies. Wasps and bees sting. If someone's allergic to such a sting or is attacked by a swarm of bees or wasps, it can be life-threatening.

Rodent droppings are toxic and can trigger respiratory problems. Ticks often transmit Lyme disease and other maladies. Cockroaches and flies carry microbes that are frequently harmful. Not to mention, a wide range of pests can destroy trees and shrubs.

Many other hazards are associated with common pests. If you suspect that your home or workplace is sheltering bugs or rodents, you should call a pest control specialist as soon as you can.

Given Oakton's climate, it's especially important to be wary of pests. Like the rest of northern Virginia, this community has a humid, subtropical climate. Its winters are cool but not too cold, and its summers are hot and often humid.

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These weather patterns accommodate pests all too well. Each spring, various bugs reproduce, and they thrive through the summer due to the moisture in the air. When fall arrives, many of them begin moving into homes and other buildings to stay warm.

Now, the leading pest control company in the Oakton area is My Pest Pros. Its experts can solve any pest-related issue that you're struggling with.

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Residential Pest Control

Pests can enter your home by marching or flying through the smallest of openings. Some could even stow away inside your luggage, grocery bags, or clothing. Many bugs are experts at hiding, and it takes an experienced person to find them. Plus, only a professional can figure out which materials and methods will eradicate which species. On top of that, you need a license to handle many pest control tools.

My Pest Pros offers a variety of plans from which to choose. Its staff members can thoroughly inspect your home ― including the interior if you'd like. They can also treat the perimeter, bait insects, remove spider webs that are as high as 15 feet, and get rid of any rodents that live on your property.

This company can give you a one-time treatment for such pests as bed bugs, bees, fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, termites, and even animals that live in the woods. Alternatively, they could provide you with ongoing monitoring and protection.

Commercial Pest Control

My Pest Pros serves a range of businesses, among them restaurants, hotels, and daycare facilities. These specialists will make sure that your employees and patrons are safe from cockroaches, rodents, ants, and all kinds of other creatures. After all, if a customer discovers critters in your establishment, that person might tell friends and relatives about it or post a scathing online review. As a result, your reputation could be damaged.

What's more, My Pest Pros collaborates with other local companies, including landscaping, cleaning, and repair businesses. If you need one or more services in addition to pest control, you can order a convenient and affordable package.

Green Pest Control

My Pest Pros' integrated pest management (IPM) methods are safe and organic. Moreover, employees use pesticides only when they're absolutely necessary, and those substances are EPA-registered.

Finally, for more details or a free quote, please call My Pest Pros at your earliest convenience.

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