Local Pest Control in Tysons Corner, VA

From rodents to insects, pests come in many forms. When creatures that are meant to stay outdoors make their way inside, the situation is usually upsetting. Not only is it emotionally disturbing to discover that pests have infested your home or yard, but it can also be dangerous to your health and property.

Some pests survive by drinking your blood while others eat your food, making it unfit for human consumption. They can transmit deadly diseases to you, your family members or even your pets. They carry ailments like typhus and the Hanta virus. Pests sometimes destroy electrical wiring, which increases your home’s fire risk. Critters may even damage insulation or your home’s foundation.

Because Tysons Corner, VA, features a comfortable climate with winters that are chilly and summers that often measure around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, pests enjoy living in the area as much as people do. This increases the chances of your home eventually experiencing an infestation. Termites, bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches are just a few of the area’s common pests.

Pests are a major problem when they move into your home, but they can also cause trouble in your yard. Snakes can be a problem outside as can rodents like voles and moles. These creatures make holes in your lawn and eat your flower bulbs. If you live near forest areas, ticks can be an issue because they transmit Lyme disease while mosquitos are an annual visitor that put you at risk of getting the West Nile virus.

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