Stink Bug Control

stink bug controlStink bugs are relatively harmless, but a growing problem throughout the region in Washington, D.C., and Virginia. They’re small and wide with a shield-shaped body that comes in a variety of shades of brown from light to dark.

Stink bugs can cause damage to household plants. As their name implies, stink bugs will give off an offensive smell as a defense mechanism if they feel threatened or when they are squashed.

As temperatures outside drop, stink bugs seek out warm places to spend their winter because they cannot survive outdoors in the cold. Attic vents, open doors, and other entry points usually provide stink bugs access to your home. They will often travel throughout the home through openings in recessed lights, vents, and other pathways as they search for food and water sources.

Treatments three times a year – twice in the fall and once in the spring can help to keep stink bugs out of your home and help prevent breeding.

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