Termite Control with Sentricon®

Termites show up unannounced and make their presence known by the damage they cause to your home. Because some termites resemble ants, it’s easy for homeowners to misidentify them and leave them to their destructive behavior. Having a termite control expert from My Pest Pros inspect your home for termites is one way to start fighting back against these invasive pests. The next step is introducing them to Sentricon® and watching the colony disappear.

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon® is a powerful termite baiting system and an efficient alternative to liquid termiticides. It not only eradicates the entire colony but also fights resistant species such as Eastern Subterranean termites. It contains an insect growth regulator known as noviflumuron, which prevents the termites from molting. Within a year of continued Sentricon® maintenance, the termites die and leave the colony empty.

How Does Sentricon Get to the Colony?

Thousands of termites exist within a colony and work together to keep their community alive and growing. The queen and king continue to breed new members, the workers scavenge for food throughout the day and the soldiers protect the colony from intruders. As the workers forage and find the Sentricon® bait, they consume it, return home and regurgitate it for other colony members to eat.

Because My Pest Pros technicians place Sentricon® near the colony, the workers find it in less time. Treating the area with a traditional termiticide takes longer to work and may not provide immediate or long-term results. The Sentricon® bait offers a curative and preventative solution for treating termites before they cause damage. It knocks out an established colony and prevents future infestations.

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Subterranean termites strike beneath the ground and burrow into your home’s structure. They feed on the cellulose within the wood and cause significant damage over time. You may not see the damage at first, but it shows up as sawdust around the foundation, holes in the wood, cracks in the walls and sagging in support beams. This destruction leads to repair costs in the thousands and compromises your building’s structural integrity if you don’t eliminate the termites in time.

How My Pest Pros Can Help

My Pest Pros hasn’t been around for 120 million years like termites have, but we specialize in treating infestations and preventing further damage to your home. We thoroughly inspect your house and property for termites and eliminate them using the highly efficient Sentricon® system. If you suspect termites have your home in their sights, contact My Pest Pros for a free quote by filling out the form below.