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I found termites in my house, now what do I do?

According to the National Past Management Association, termites cause upwards of $5 billion worth of damage annually in the United States – and things are only getting worse.

Your home is far more likely to be devastated by termites than it is to be damaged by fire and flooding, and… Continue reading

Tips for Preventing Spring Pest Problems

Spring Pest Problems

Warmer weather often brings spring pest problems.

Springtime means warm weather, sunny days, budding flowers, and greener pastures. Unfortunately, however, it also means spring pest problems like termites, ants,… Continue reading

Winter Pest Problems Lurking in Your Firewood

A roaring fire is a great way to take the chill off on these cold winter nights. The mesmerizing flicker of the flames and warmth emanating from the fireplace creates a cozy environment for the entire family or a romantic evening. One thing that can quickly ruin this atmosphere is… Continue reading

Do Termites and Other Pests Remain Active in Winter?

The weather outside has been in the teens and single digits many days over the last week in Northern Virginia ad across the East Coast. Many homeowners would assume that pests, especially termites, would die or go away during weather like this. That would be wrong. Termites and many… Continue reading