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Winter Pest Problems Lurking in Your Firewood

A roaring fire is a great way to take the chill off on these cold winter nights. The mesmerizing flicker of the flames and warmth emanating from the fireplace creates a cozy environment for the entire family or a romantic evening. One thing that can quickly ruin this atmosphere is… Continue reading

Do You Need Professional Pest Control?

DIY products to treat for ants, roaches, bed bugs and many other pests are readily available to consumers from grocery stores to home improvement stores and big box retailers. Knowing when to call for professional pest control help versus tackling problems yourself can be tricky…. Continue reading

Do Termites and Other Pests Remain Active in Winter?

The weather outside has been in the teens and single digits many days over the last week in Northern Virginia ad across the East Coast. Many homeowners would assume that pests, especially termites, would die or go away during weather like this. That would be wrong. Termites and many… Continue reading

It’s Cold Outside, Why Do I Need Winter Pest Control?

We’re often asked whether winter pest control is needed. After all, it’s cold outside and pests such as ants, mosquitoes and spiders and dead, hibernating or nowhere to be seen, right? Wrong! Just as you want to cozy up inside a warm home, many pests seek out a warm place to overwinter…. Continue reading

Restaurant Pest Control Is A Recipe for Success

Restaurant Pest Control

Flies in restaurants can spread diseases.

Restaurant pest control is often overlooked  issue. Yet pests, especially in food service business, can mean the difference between being in business or out of business…. Continue reading

What Virginia residents need to know about rodents

Rodents span a wide variety of animals, from cute little chipmunks to foot-long rats. Whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural setting, various rodent species pose a threat to your health and safety. Find out more about the behaviors and signs of two of the most common rodent… Continue reading

Landlords: Top Five Things to Know About Pest Control

Landlords face a unique challenge when dealing with pests on their property. This is a matter of maintaining their rental income, and the presence of various types of pests can undermine this source of revenue. There is the serious possibility of being shut down by various agencies… Continue reading

Scariest Looking Pests in Northern Virginia & DC

When the Halloween season comes around, you begin to see fake bugs and other frightening things in stores that can be used for decorations inside and outside the home. There are a few frightening pests that you want to keep your eye on if you live in the northern areas of Virginia… Continue reading

Preparing Your Property for Fall Pests

Many people claim that fall is their favorite season; the brilliant color of autumn leaves and the end of hot summer days can be quite enjoyable. However, as summer wanes, many pests begin searching for a warm, cozy, safe spot to spend the winter. Pests may invade your home or office… Continue reading

At-Home Pest Control Products Versus Professional Pest Control Services

No matter who you are or where you live, you will likely encounter pests that will cause problems at some point. The steps that you take when you first notice the warning signs are critical when it comes to getting a desirable outcome. People will often head to the store to buy at-home… Continue reading

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