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Protecting Your Business With Disinfecting for COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc for businesses across the country. Continuing to operate while keeping employees and customers safe can be a challenge. My Pest Pros can help keep restaurants, offices, and other facilities clean by disinfecting for COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria that may be lurking on surfaces. Disinfecting for COVID-19 can eliminate dangers, protect your brand, and help provide peace of mind.

While many companies use foggers, regular backpack sprayers, and misters, My Pest Pros utilizes more advanced electrostatic sprayers to provide a higher level of disinfectant coverage and protection. The applicator applies a smaller micron particle to get into smaller spaces and provides 360-degree coverage around equipment and voids. The electrostatically charged droplets bind to surfaces to provide better and longer-lasting coverage. What all this means is that we can provide better and longer-lasting coverage for high-touch areas as well as hard-to-reach or easily missed places.

My Pest Pros uses products from the EPA-approved ‘N-List’ designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

How to eliminate office pests

Your office is buzzing with deadlines, projects, football and basketball pools, and the inevitable office gossip. With all this busyness, offices can become a pretty dirty place. Even with a cleaning staff, spilled drinks and food, dirty dishes left in the sink, the mystery container in the refrigerator and other cleanliness issues often lead to office pest issues all over Northern Virginia.

Office pest problem

Cleaning can help prevent many office pest problems

Perhaps the most common office pest issue is roach infestations, especially in office kitchens. But dirty office kitchens are not the only place where office pests are found. Office desks are pretty nasty places with more germs than a toilet. Storing snacks and candy in drawers add food sources for roaches and mice.

A small pest issue can quickly become a major pest infestation. These tips can help keep office pest problems at bay, so the only office pest will be your coworkers!

Clean up spills and other messes right away

Just as at home, the longer a mess sits the worse it will likely get. This is especially true in a busy office. It’s important to wipe down counters, desks, clean dishes in the sink, place dishes in the dishwasher (and run it daily), as well as sweep up crumbs. The holidays or birthdays often mean office celebrations can lead to many office pest issues when party messes are not promptly cleaned up.

Proper food storage is critical

Foods are best stored in the refrigerator or freezer to keep pests out. Foods that do not need to be kept at a low temperature should be stored in sealed containers. Many pests prefer cardboard and other boxed. Plastic, glass and metal containers will help keep food fresh and deter pests. Don’t forget about food and snacks stored in desks. Pests, including mice and roaches, can take up residency in a desk that has snacks and good nesting places.

Take out the garbage

Don’t leave garbage sitting out. Trash cans should be emptied daily. Don’t forget trash cans under the desks because employees often throw away food, snacks and wrappers.

Look under the sink and behind the refrigerator

Don’t forget to inspect what you can’t see. Hidden spaces such as under the sink are dark and quiet and often provide excellent hiding locations for pest breeding. Food and liquids may also spill and get underneath of behind the office refrigerator. Regular inspections and cleaning of these areas can help prevent a lot of problems.

Clean out the cabinets

Office kitchen cabinets and draws also need regular attention to prevent office pest problems. Whether it’s at home or the office, cracks and crevices in cabinets as well as shelves are places pests like to make their home. Food spillage or residue on mugs, dishes or stored food products may attract pests.

If pests still find their way into your office, the professional pest control experts at My Pest Pros are just a call away. We’ll Get Rid of What’s Bugging You!


Restaurant Pest Control

Flies in restaurants can spread diseases.

Restaurant pest control is often overlooked  issue. Yet pests, especially in food service business, can mean the difference between being in business or out of business. Consequences can include health department fines, negative online reviews, and food safety issues. Pest in restaurants and food processing facilities can lead to food contamination and the spread of numerous illnesses.

A strong pest control program for restaurants can help protect your business’ health as well as  the health of your customers and staff. Rodents, rodent droppings, roaches as well as flies can lead to illnesses including the spread of salmonella, listeria and Staphylococcus aureus.

A successful food industry pest program begins with a strong partnership between restaurant owners and staff and their pest management professionals. Communication is the lynchpin of this relationship. Restaurant staff needs to communicate with their pest technicians about pest activity. Just expecting a pest control company to come in and “spray everything” will not solve problems.

Conversely, a good pest control technician keeps clients informed about findings and adverse conditions that may lead to pest problems. Pest companies such as My Pest Pros provides detailed reports to clients about pest activity, treatment locations, and issue such as poor cleaning, physical problems that can encourage pest activity, and recommend actions to prevent or eliminate matters.

Just as with health care or auto and home maintenance, a good restaurant pest control program is proactive and begins when there are no known pest problems. Routine pest maintenance is critical to prevent pest issues in food service locations. It can also help catch issues that arise early before they become a bigger problem or infestation that can result in serious consequences such as closure.

In addition to proactive and preventative care, pest companies like My Pest Pros can quickly and effectively target sudden pest problems. Professional pest companies such as My Pest Pros use the latest technology and techniques and are up to date on the latest product advances instead of using old, ineffective products that can lead to pest resistance. We can also educate restaurant staff to identify pests and problem conditions.

The bottom line is a good pest program is a lot cheaper than lost business or damage to your reputation from a failed health inspection!

For help with your restaurant pest control program, call My Pest Pros today at 703-665-4455.

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