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Protecting Your Business With Disinfecting for COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc for businesses across the country. Continuing to operate while keeping employees and customers safe can be a challenge. My Pest Pros can help keep restaurants, offices, and other facilities clean by disinfecting for COVID-19 and other harmful… Continue reading

Mice Control in Alexandria Restaurants

There are a lot of great choices for dinning out at Alexandria, VA restaurants. One thing restaurant owners or diners do not want to see during a meal is a furry mouse or rat scurrying along the wall. Fortunately, the team at My Pest Pros can help prevent and eliminate rodent and other pest control… Continue reading

How to eliminate office pests

Your office is buzzing with deadlines, projects, football and basketball pools, and the inevitable office gossip. With all this busyness, offices can become a pretty dirty place. Even with a cleaning staff, spilled drinks and food, dirty dishes left in the sink, the mystery container… Continue reading

Restaurant Pest Control Is A Recipe for Success

Restaurant Pest Control

Flies in restaurants can spread diseases.

Restaurant pest control is often overlooked  issue. Yet pests, especially in food service business, can mean the difference between being in business or out of business…. Continue reading