Prince William County, VA

Prince William County, VA is another one of Northern Virginia’s beautiful counties that has been thriving since the turn of the millennium. CNN rated the county in the top 25 for having the best job growth since 2000 and it still ranks as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. As is much of Northern Virginia, Prince William County is filled with rivers, parks and wildlife refuges. These areas are not only beautiful, but they are great for the environment. Only problem is that they are also great for Mosquito Breeding.

Mosquitoes thrive off of wet, wooded areas that protect them and allow them to reproduce. Once the summer arrives, the water heats up and the mosquitoes hatch. Besides the minor nuisances like buzzing in your ear, biting and leaving itchy bumps, Mosquitoes are also known to carry viruses and diseases such as EEE, West Nile and Encephalitis.

My Pest Pros of Northern Virginia is here to protect you! We offer many mosquito spraying services such as Barrier Sprays, Automatic Misting System and Special Event Sprays. We will send a mosquito control expert to your property to survey for mosquito breeding area and eliminate them. Then they will spray your property, creating a barrier to keep mosquitoes out! Give us a call today to learn more about our services!