Prince George’s County, MD Mosquito Control

The County was named for Prince George of Denmark when it was founded. The county has a population of about 871,200 according to the last census done in 2011. The county surrounds Washington DC in the East, South and North. There are five regions inside Prince George’s County which are North County, Central County, the Rural Tier, the Inner Beltway, and South County. The largest city in this county, Bowie, is located in the Central County. Prince George County is also home to many colleges and universities, most notable the University of Maryland.

What better way to attract potential new students than offering a mosquito-free campus? My Pest Pros can search your campus to find any problem areas, disrupt the mosquitoes habitat, and then spray the campus to keep the remaining mosquitoes out. Our sprays are not only effective, but they are safe for both humans and animals alike!

Our service is even better for residential use! My Pest Pros wants people to be able to enjoy the outdoors during the warm weather months, whether it’s out in their back yards or walking around campus. With the different treatments offered, like Barrier Sprays or Automatic Misting Systems, we want to create a mosquito-free environment for the people of Prince George’s County, Maryland! Give us a call today to learn how easy and affordable it can be to have a mosquito-free property!