Maryland Mosquito Control

My Pest Pros of Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia serves most of the state of Maryland, including the counties closest to Washington DC like Montgomery and Prince George’s County. This doe not mean that My Pest Pros will not go above and beyond to reach customers in northern and eastern Maryland! So give us a call to see if we service your neck of the woods!

Speaking of woods, Maryland is known for some of its beautiful National Parks like the C & O Canal National Historical Park, Glen Echo Park, Fort Washington National Park and Greenbelt National Park. Although these gorgeous parks do far more good than harm for the surrounding communities, they also give mosquitoes are great place to breed and thrive in. Wooded areas allow for standing water to heat up in the summer months, leading to more of a mosquito presence in the area. Even if your community does spraying in the public parks, it still make sense to protect your own backyard.

My Pest Pros offers an assortment of Mosquito Spraying Services to help control and eliminate the mosquito population. From organic sprays, to barrier sprays and automatic misting systems, we’ve got just what you need to protect you and your kids from mosquito bites and the deadly viruses they are known to carry. Call the mosquito control experts today to learn more about our services and see if we service your Maryland community.

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