Centreville, VA Mosquito Control

Centreville, VA and Fairfax County have a town mosquito control program but this does not prevent all mosquitoes from invading your property. In recent years, researchers have found mosquitos in Virginia carrying the disease. Because there is no cure for West Nile Virus, the best defense is protection. Protect your family and friends when they come over during the summer and enjoy your back yard BBQ’s and parties without fear!

Our barrier spray and automatic misting systems can protect your family from harmful diseases, like EEE and West Nile, by creating a mosquito free zone around your house that mosquitoes cannot penetrate. Our trained mosquito experts will also get down to the root of the problem and find where the mosquitoes are breeding.

Contact My Pest Pros today to learn more about our mosquito control service, or to schedule a spray for your property!