Arlington County, VA

Arlington County has played a huge part in building the foundation of this country and government. Housing many government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Administration and more. Virginia donated the county of Arlington to the United States government in the early 1800’s to give the government some room to grow. 50 years later, due to representation issues and the abolition of slavery, Arlington County was returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today Arlington County currently stands as the smallest (in land mass) self-government county in the country!

Arlington resides right next to Washington DC and they are separated by the Potomac River. As the beautiful river gives you a sense of escape from the city life, it also provides an environment for the countryside pests like mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquitoes can breed and thrive in as little as a quarter-sized area of standing, warm water. To completely rid your property from mosquitoes, you need to disrupt standing water, as well as spray to eliminate existing mosquitoes. That is where My Pest Pros of Northern Virginia comes in.

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