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Taking care of pest problems is important for protecting both people and property. Pest problems can quickly worsen over time, so it is important to manage pest problems as responsively as possible. Homeowners who manage their pest problems effectively can save significant costs in the long run by preventing additional property damage as pest infestations continue to grow.

Impact of Climate

Climate is a significant factor with pest problems because distinct types of pests are present in different geographic areas. In warm climates, pests can reproduce throughout the entire year, and they rarely have to worry about the consequences of freezing temperatures. Consequently, pests in warm climates often seek long-term settlement, and, therefore, can present problems to homeowners throughout the year. In contrast, pests in colder climates have to worry about seasonal factors, such as finding a home for the winter. As a result, pests in cold climates often attempt to enter a home before or during the winter, and they often continue to stay indoors when the spring arrives.

Dangers of Pests

Some homeowners feel guilty about exterminating a pest infestation, so they often attempt to feed or capture pests. The reality is, however, that pests are not household pets. They cannot feel compassion, and pests can hurt both small children and adults. The most prevalent problem, furthermore, is that pest infestations can multiply rapidly and cause severe property damage. Unaddressed pest problems can force homeowners to vacate their residence while extensive repairs are completed. Since home repairs can be astronomically expensive, homeowners should ensure that they take care of a pest infestation as soon as it is found to avoid the dangers associated with these domestic menaces.

My Pest Pros

Homeowners experiencing pest problems should work with a professional to ensure that infestations are fully eradicated. My Pest Pros is the leading provider of pest control services in the McLean area. We offer the full range of services necessary to manage pest problems, including diagnostics, extermination, and prevention. Contact My Pest Pros today to get started with a free quote.

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Residential Pest Control

No matter how secure your home might be, pests can find their way inside. They may enter unnoticed when you open your door, find a tiny crack around a window or locate another "secret passage" between your yard and your home. You may also carry them inside in a grocery bag or package. Once they have successfully invaded, their population will increase dramatically in a very short period. Cockroaches, mice, spiders and many other home invaders can pose a serious risk to your health, contaminate your food or damage your home and belongings. Eliminating pests, however, is a job that should be left to the professionals to ensure the safety of your pets and family as well as to make sure that the pests are truly gone. My Pest Pros has the training and experience to eliminate any type of pest that may be troubling you.

Commercial Pest Control

No matter what type of business you operate, pests are not going to help you retain customers or protect your investment. Cockroaches, for example, can ruin a restaurant's reputation, but they can also play havoc with customer loyalty at a grocery store, clothing boutique or hair salon. Bedbugs, mice or cockroaches can cause bookings at your hotel to plummet. Nor is it just your customers who may want to escape your business — your employees may be unhappy and spend more time worrying about the pests than handling their tasks. Whatever kind of pest is troubling your business, the experts at My Pest Pros has the solution.

Green Pest Control

For many decades, pesticides were the first strategy attempted for pest control. Growing concerns over the effects that pesticides were having on the environment, however, led to the development of alternative methods that were ecologically friendly. When you combine risk of environmental damage with the fact that many pests have developed varying degrees of immunity to traditional pesticides, it is easy to see the benefits of "green" pest control. Organic treatments, sanitation modifications and biological controls can often be the safest, most effective solution. At My Pest Pros, we practice this type of integrated pest management, which includes ensuring that pests are identified accurately and employing pesticides only as a last resort.

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