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Our stretch of the East Coast is a great region in which to live and work. The winters are tolerable, and there’s plenty of refreshing rainfall in the hot summer months. Unfortunately, insects and rodents like our area for the same reasons.

Everyone agrees that pests are a nuisance, but few people realize just how serious infestations can be. Given the number of diseases that mosquitoes transmit, they are among the deadliest creatures on earth. Pharaoh ants are known to carry more than a dozen harmful pathogens and bacteria. Bedbug bites may cause a tormenting itch or trigger an allergic reaction. Roaches quickly get out of control because they alert family members to food sources and good hiding places. They are known to cause or exacerbate asthma in children. Bees are valuable contributors in the ecosystem, but their stings can be deadly to people with allergies. They must be carefully removed and relocated. We all know that rats and other rodents pose a number of health risks.

Termites are especially fond of our subtropical climate. Subterranean termites are the worst offenders, and they’re native to Virginia. They dig elaborate tunnels under the soil and make their way to wood sources aboveground. Storing firewood or scattering mulch adjacent to your house is like setting out a welcome mat. A single colony can multiply to more than 1 million insects, and infestation might go unnoticed for weeks while significant structural damage is taking place. The likelihood of termite infestation in our area is moderate to heavy. Carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and rodents are also threats to property.

It’s wise to entrust your home or business to professionals, and there are good reasons for My Pest Pros being the leading pest control service in the region. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify species, find points of entry and locate breeding sites. Call us today for a free quote.

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Residential Pest Control

No matter how secure your home might be, pests can find their way inside. They may enter unnoticed when you open your door, find a tiny crack around a window or locate another "secret passage" between your yard and your home. You may also carry them inside in a grocery bag or package. Once they have successfully invaded, their population will increase dramatically in a very short period. Cockroaches, mice, spiders and many other home invaders can pose a serious risk to your health, contaminate your food or damage your home and belongings. Eliminating pests, however, is a job that should be left to the professionals to ensure the safety of your pets and family as well as to make sure that the pests are truly gone. My Pest Pros has the training and experience to eliminate any type of pest that may be troubling you.

Commercial Pest Control

No matter what type of business you operate, pests are not going to help you retain customers or protect your investment. Cockroaches, for example, can ruin a restaurant's reputation, but they can also play havoc with customer loyalty at a grocery store, clothing boutique or hair salon. Bedbugs, mice or cockroaches can cause bookings at your hotel to plummet. Nor is it just your customers who may want to escape your business — your employees may be unhappy and spend more time worrying about the pests than handling their tasks. Whatever kind of pest is troubling your business, the experts at My Pest Pros has the solution.

Green Pest Control

For many decades, pesticides were the first strategy attempted for pest control. Growing concerns over the effects that pesticides were having on the environment, however, led to the development of alternative methods that were ecologically friendly. When you combine risk of environmental damage with the fact that many pests have developed varying degrees of immunity to traditional pesticides, it is easy to see the benefits of "green" pest control. Organic treatments, sanitation modifications and biological controls can often be the safest, most effective solution. At My Pest Pros, we practice this type of integrated pest management, which includes ensuring that pests are identified accurately and employing pesticides only as a last resort.

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