Cricket Control

About Crickets

Crickets are a common complaint among homeowners. While they may not create the damage that other pests can do to a home, their appearance and jumping is often frightening. Our pest control technicians can treat homes to eliminate crickets.

Crickets are found worldwide. Some of the most common crickets in the Washington, D.C. area are the camel and house crickets. They are commonly encountered in crawlspaces, basements, storage sheds, garages, outbuildings, and other damp protected areas. They can also be found under decks during humid weather.

A camel cricket can grow to be more than one and a quarter inches long. They are typically light tan to dark brown with the typical humpbacked appearance. They can cause alarm in that they typically jump at the observer rather than away from the observer. They are more active at night but will jump frequently during the day if disturbed. Even when you can’t see them jumping around, you may hear their chirping.

House crickets like the warmth and can often be found near fireplaces, kitchens as well as basements. As omnivores, they will feed on any food source they find.

Our Cricket Services

At My Pest Pros, our cricket control services ensure that your yard & home will be cricket-free. We offer safe & effective services, including green treatments, that will handle any cricket problem you might be facing.

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