Barrier Sprays

Our mosquito control experts identify where mosquitoes breed in your backyard and map out a plan to help you, your family, friends and pets enjoy your outdoor fun. We stop the breading cycle and then use our natural-based and environmentally friendly solutions to create a safe and effective force field around your property. We guarantee it! Our treatments also stop other disease-causing outdoor pests and nuisances including ticks, biting flies, gnats, fleas, stink bugs and even cicadas. Enjoy your summer the way its supposed to be enjoyed, mosquito-free!

My Pest Pros offers the solutions for your outdoor pest control needs. Our barrier spray program protects you by eliminating the threats that annoy you as well as those that spread diseases such as West Nile or Lyme disease.

Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to treat your property, family and pets safely. They will create a protective barrier on the trees and plants around your home using products recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and local county health departments in Maryland and Northern Virginia to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks. They will also treat to help prevent new mosquitoes from breeding.

We recommend treating your yard every three weeks to stay ahead of the mosquito breeding cycle.

My Pest Pros offers a variety of packages and services from one-time treatments to full season packages to protect your yard from April through October. Recurring clients not only enjoy great protection, but we our protection guarantee. While our regular rates are great, we also offer discounts on seasonal plans, group and neighborhood discounts.